What Are the Best Computers For You?

Apple And RIM,Collaboration Between E-Book Readers And iPad Č Companion, I know – it’s kind of awkward for a company to go into partnership and media tie-in especially when they are already on good terms with each other.

But, think of this – two companies that are already on good terms with each other, working together to create a new piece of hardware and software – wouldn’t that be just a good thing? collabo

I’m sure Steve Jobs would not mind a media boon like this. With the popularity of the I-Mac, the size of the standard I-Book and the fact that the I-Mac is already an best-seller, wouldn’t it be logical to see some type of collaboration between the I-Mac and the new e-book reader – publishing might be a fun, easy way to get your book readers interested in technology.

Plus, one could easily imagine that the e-book reader and the I-Mac featured in this device would become a kind of modern-day discontinuum, as people who want to read to their heart’s content take one of the devices and use it as if it were the equivalent of the I-Mac. In fact, why not? With the I-Mac already on the market and the fact that the larger version of the e-book reader is already built in – why not combine the two devices and call it a “eries” e-book reader?

I could just imagine that the future e-book readers come in the style of little green men with big floppy eyes that say (as real floppy men do): FAT! FAT! FAT!

The e-book market is small to start with, but I have a feeling that it is growing. Who knows? I doubt that this will be the last year that the e-book market growth will be anything significant.

The bottom line is that the e-book reader will become a common, important part of everyone’s life. In a few years, I-Macs may be a thing of the past. But whoever logs on to this service will be able to read anything they want, whenever they want on their e-book reader, and they will be able to do it anywhere they want. I don’t see this becoming any more apparent than right now.

In fact, I think it may be precisely this kind of future that Steve Jobs predicts: “One day you will be able to take your books with you everywhere you go. Books will be as important as the next form of communication to bring us into the next decade. Because we remember how we read books in our childhood, we can also imagine reading books in our future.”

I know that when I read the quote above, Itshiba’s Qosmio laptop caught my attention. Qosmio is not a laptop, but a ” notebook computer” that “prises a near-unsolete” deletion of the traditional laptop. The Qosmio laptop has a “rather tall” 17″ screen, but inside is a Core 2 Duo processor, a 500GB hard drive, and a little more than 4GB RAM. The Qosmio costs about the same as a laptop with similar specification perks (albeit for slightly more money). Both the Qosmio and theupgrade to the iBook are due out February 10, 2011.

Which Computers Do You Need?

So, which computers are the right ones for you?

If you’re upgrading from a Macintosh to a Mac, then probably any iMac, iMac Pro, or MacBook Air will do the trick. If you have an iMac already, then no other computer can be right for you.

If you have the MacBook or the MacBook Pro, then hi-end Macbook Air or MacBook Air notebooks are best. If you have the MacBook, then any Intel-based Mac will do.

Doing the upgrade is easy. You can just go to the Apple website and do the job there.

But why not do it yourself? You can order a refurbished Apple iMac or other MacBook or MacBook Pro, and some sites even offer free mail-in service for MacBooks.

But you can also just search on the Net for the models you want. AOK for iMac, Dell MacBook, Sony VAIO or Asus MacBook.

Why not go for the Apple laptops? What are the downsides?

Though Apple has great Software and hardware, it also offers users a wide range of everyday computer tasks. This means that if you already have a Mac, then you’re probably OK with using it. However, if you do not have a Mac at your home or business, then you might want to think about adding some hardware – which is often called a “mouse”.

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