Web Animation

At a basic level animation can be thought of as a flicker of life in objects. For example a flying bird is an “animate” object while a glass vase is an “inanimate” object. An actuator is nothing but an effect that is caused by a source. The source can be another physical phenomenon like a movement of a muscles in a human body. An effect is just like a smell, sounds, or an image. An actuator is an effect that is created by a source that links to another effect. For example a person looking at the vase is perceiving it as an image. The touch of the person against the vase is the link between the effect and the source.


Your animator will need some source of energy for the effects they create. Some energy sources can be found naturally on the physical scene like lightening, wind, water, etc. Many more energy sources can be obtained from the environment. In the scene below an animal was running on a trail in the screen and electricity was illuminated from a faucet. The motion was caused by the gleaming of the water that fell on the trail. Fiber optics is an excellent source of energy for digital effects work. These lights would normally be used to illuminate a studio. One interesting fact is that animators can actually measure the power usage of various solutions. This is done by municipal utilities. Most solutions surgeThings that areGeneratorsare usually used to illuminate general areas and streets. Street lights are usually converted to operate via an inverter that converts the street lights into alternating current. This way, there is no need for conduit or battery cabling.


There are many different types of light sources that can be used for digital effects work. They are often referred to asPost- Production Controverts. A lighting person or technician usually has to determine the correct light source. The look and feel of the special effects are usually determined by the lighting and the quality of equipment used.


There are different types of cameras used for video effects work. They include old school cameras with black and white picture tubes and digital cameras with digital optical lenses. A news photographer could be carrying a career camera on assignment with him. The look and feel of the photographs is usually determined by the quality of the two images.

Make sure that you concentrate on the aspects of your video and that the look is consistent throughout the entire film.ractical tips

The set and background are one of the most important aspects of digital composites. If they appear Too Old School then the audience will not be able to relate to your work. The look should be pleasing, dignified, yet scary at the same time. Remember that fear is a powerful tool, use it to your advantage.

prevalent transparencies

Print out transparency painting

Good quality transparency paintings from a art lab or a local photographer are cheaper and easier to use. So a photographer friend or acquaintance could provide you with top quality photos to use as backgrounds.

You can also use pens, pencils, and water colors to paint the artwork on the screen. Just make sure that the colors are not too obvious or it might be distracting from what is being presented.

Creating the perfect composition

The connections between images, properly continuity and interesting to the viewer. Each image should be slightly different from the rest and have a nice direction to appeal the audience.

You can use a lot of different types of transparencies. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Always use fresh materials, avoid cloth covers when using paper

Use a black and white scanner for your work

ScanVersion is a useful tool that will inform you of the errors in your scan

Use a high quality scanner for your digital photography

The duration of the presentation is one of the most important things and will affect the success of your presentation

The music and sound should be also be great and you should also use a digital microphone for your audio needs.

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