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Your old printers end is quickly approaching and your search for a replacement must begin now. If you have not already used a Troy Systems product you may want to read up on the printers others consider for compatibility and quality before making a decision. Printers and products marked as compatible with Troy Systems are often no exception. Before making a decision manufacturers invite you to visit their dealers. The following businesses simply missile their printers through comparison and are reliable and eager to be your trusted printing partner.

Troy Systems LifeLines Troy Systems LifeLines are regarded as the original Troy Systems printer and the only one to have an 8″ x 11″ direct thermal dual feed (duplex) printer. It has also applied technology to allow the implementation of flexible encryption that matches more rigorously compliance with the restrictive Privacy Act. The printer has a modular design in agreement with the membership until recently. As a result of this the unit was received quite warmly by critics. In particular, the Accountability Department is happy about this printer. They say, “This unit more than deserves the respect of a fellow printer” and it has been awarded major points for its hardiness. The combination of these attributes describes the printer well.

LifeLines Troy System 901 All-In-One does more than you can imagine. It is multifunctional, and it does it best. It starts with printing on one side. If you need to print on both sides, you can easily add the optional “Double Ear”. The Troy Systems 901 all-in-one has a little bit of everything to help you succeed whether you are a corporate executive or an individual who wants maximum output with minimum effort.

The Troy Systems 901 All-In-One features all the norm of a printer. It can print on regular writing paper, according to what type of job you will be performing, in the most convenient manner. It has the capacity to print Kaufmanpad type papers, and it can handle different types of paper.

Then it has gone alright with the Troy Systems 901 Printer because it can print quality prints that are comparable to those of a human being. Now, it is time to see how much deeper the rabbit hole goes.

The technical side of the 901 can be braking to acquire paper, which is important to the function of a printer. After that, the toner is very important to the machine because we all know that toner is the most important part of the printer. If you will compare the 901 to a human being, you will see that the printer has a lot of options for toner.

The 901 can hold a vast quantity of toner. The variouscommand buttonsare designed army to assist you in changing the toner cartridges. It is easier to refill the cartridge when the printer is not connected to the computer. Changing the toner cartridges is a major operation; however, you do not have to disconnect the printer from the computer to refill the toner. It is planned to print more than thousand pages, so you do not have to stop and fill the cartridge yourself.

The printer does not use ink sparingly. It is planned to use up to 60 inkless pages per month. The inkless mode does not cause any damage to the cartridge and it does not need replaced. You are able to use the toner almost completely for a refill of the cartridge. The toner comes out in the following colors: black, grey, and color. These colors include Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Regular. Of course, it is great to use any compatible toner to save money. The toner cartridge of the 901 is a low maintenance, simple to replace, and will save you money without compromising the quality of the print jobs.

The printer has a wireless adapter which connects to any wireless network. This feature allows you to print from any area that has a wireless network to and from a anywhere and you can also print from a cell phone, even if you are on the go. You can also print from an Ethernet network.

The 901 is a great unit for multitasking. Its performance is steady and the printer has a 256 MB of memory.

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