The Solution to Fix Runtime Error 53 – Get the *.dll Files Error

Nearly all computer users are aware of runtime error 53. This is a famous exploit that was first discovered by Michael Generation in 1995.

Basically, runtime error 53 occurs when Windows cannot load a program because there is a conflict between the Whatsize.dll file and the batch file. What happens is that what happens is that Windows tries to load what whatsify.dll file, but it cant find it.

For Windows XP Users:

Windows cannot load any programs until its registry contains the files that are needed to load the programs.

To resolve this error, you can do these steps:

You can also use safe mode when running it in Windows.

As for Windows 7 Users:

You can also use safe mode when running it in Windows 7.1. Note, that this option is not available for Windows 7 Professional.

The reason for this error is that there are some instance when the DLL file is missing or is not properly copied with the ones in your computer.

To resolve this error, you must first copy all the DLL files into your computer. For this purpose, you must first install a reliable registry cleaner.

<2> Safe Mode

Many programs and applications do not work well in safe mode. Some of that functionality is because of the following:

Programs and Applications that works in an unauthorized manner

Packet sniffers

Viruses and Trojans

Mechanical and hardware errors

Errors in the Windows registry

System critical errors

Incompatible file paths

Outdated operating system

Hardware or software conflicts

Incorrect uninstallment of programs and applications

space compacted to parent directory

ino Kernel errors due to executable code logic errors

input of incorrect path strings

accessibility to siphonized process file

system information to cyberspace providers

Additionally, for the antivirus tools to work properly in safe mode, additional processor emulation is required.

To benefit from robust antivirus tools in safe mode, you need to install a reliable antivirus program for Windows. Aside from antivirus software, you must strictly implement the patch management of firewalls and receiver properties BOOTMGR to help them align processes and resolve problems with executing malicious code.

You should also clean up the junk files from your hard disk, and then defragment the hard disk to squeeze more life into it.

3) Safe Mode

Because of the possibilities ofacetyl cannibalism andautomaticexecutionofWindows system files, safe mode is created to run the operating system without any changes to OS settings or program execution. Safe mode is a scaled down version of your normal settings which run the affected applications in their original, unedited, mode. This safe mode also prevents any other applications from changes its settings on your machine. Therefore, your normal settings are intact.

To access Safe Mode, you need to restart your computer. When you do this, windows shows a screen of simplified programs. There will be applications, which you can use without affecting others. Once you identify the program you want to use, you need to press and hold the windows key, and while holding it, press F8. This will launch the modern Windows screen, and you will see a list of options. Choose “Safe Mode with Networking” and then press F8 more. That will launch the Windows XP Advanced Options Menu.

4) Windows Registry Maintenance

This is a part of safe mode that works to improve the registry of your windows operating system. There are things that can go wrong on your machine if you are not maintained regularly. Because of this, it is important that you remove existing settings and software programs that are no longer needed, or are outdated.

There are programs, which can be downloaded free of charge, which can clean up your registry extremely fast, and virtually “ERO” side scan your registry regularly and remove a lot of errors and lines of code. These free or inexpensive programs will speed up your computer tremendously.

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