The Shocking Truth About Wireless Networks

A feature stop motion video by director Magda Breuner captures the attention of many viewers when she visits some of the locations where she has filmed over the past few years. The footage has led to her being dubbed the “witch of the Week” by the YouTube community. Click on the play button below to see the video and find out what is about this “wonder”.

What Is The Shocking Truth?

Wireless networks are the technology of connecting your computer to another computer without physical wires. You simply sit down in the safety of your own home and converse with others who are also using the same network. You may be wondering what is the “shocking truth” about wireless networks. The truth is that they are in fact very safe to use and offer you many possibilities for online chatting, shopping and banking. You may be one of the only people in the world who refuses to use a wire to communicate with others online.

Above: A video showing the safety of using wireless networks.

Whenever you communicate over a wireless network it is like you are actually sitting in your own living room. You are not using a wire to send data from your computer to the web and in fact using a wireless network connection is the safest way to do so. The truth is that if you have a computer and an internet connection you are definitely not the only one who can access your information.

Above: Jack and Silent Attackers.

Jack had been breaking into businesses looking for items, when he stumbled across IT consultant Pat Resler. The two of them concluded that unless they had direct access to the technical personnel of the organization, they were going to be victims of the organization’s lack of security awareness.

Jack and Pat also discovered that by using simple online searches, they could research dozens of potential security breaches that were just a click away from their doorstep. Their research revealed more than 1,000 potential vulnerabilities and annoyances that could potentially affect the systems.

Hacking, caught by chance:

When they submitted their research, Jack and Pat discovered that they could not use the network to search for vulnerabilities because the system was configured so many times to prevent such searches. Every time they tried to search for a vulnerability they were met with “technical difficulties”. Why? Because the organization, for unknown reasons, had created a configuration that made it impossible for a legitimate user to access the system.

Above: A screen capture from “Jack and Pat’s” testing visit

The Solution:

Jack and Pat Resler developed a simple tool, dubbed Phusion Searcheen, to help organizations find configurations that would allow them to access their remotely managed systems more easily. By piloting a device like a jackdaw or assessor virtually from a third-party location, they were able to identify which component or device would need to be modified to enable a specific vulnerability scan. They dubbed this process System Administrator Access Scan, or SSAS for short.

In developing this tool, Phusion Use gained valuable experience and knowledge from analyzing several large organization’s web systems as well as internally from their developers. In so doing, they were able to improve the design and functionality of their web systems.

The Bottom Line:

Using a Phusion Searcheen device, no matter how small your organization is, will improve your overall web security by providing you with better visibility into your system than ever before and by providing you with better overall protection.

Your organization will benefit as much as Phusion Use can.

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