The Shared DLL’s Code

Environmental Modification Conversion has enabled us to reuse or re-use DLL files that perform same functions as our original files do. If DLL is loaded, Windows copies the private data into regWith Shared DLL’s Code. However, we run the risk of modifying the DLL files themselves because they are shared.

There are some steps that you can follow to minimize problems.

-> discontinue using old versions of DLL’s.

-> regularly patch your DLL files.

-> keep your software updated.

-> avoid changing or deleting shared DLL files.

-> if you have come across DLL errors and DLL conflicts, then it’s time to apply Windows update to your computer.

-> reset your system (group of)

-> re-install your software

-> re-install the OS

-> clean your registry to make sure that your files are located in the right folders

-> effective Toolbar and Platform Agnostic Startup manager

-> select the right tool to open the explorer window

-> in the registry edit Tools, Startup, and Security

-> change the start name of “msconfig” from “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”

-> to make a backup of the registry and the files it contains, click “Start” > “Run” > “Type” > “regedit”.

-> after waiting for the code to finish loading, close “regedit”, then restart your computer.

3rd step: Clean your registry

The best way to optimize your registry and boost your PC’s performance is to use registry cleaner software to clean your registry.

There are several effective registry cleaner software available. For example, Registry Easy-this is a popular registry cleaner software that’s backed with a 60% positive rating by PC purchasers.

Here are some tips to avoid problems with your registry cleaner software.

-> make sure the cleaner software is capable to scan your entire registry and not just the ones you intend to clean.

-> ports that you must be open should be highlighted, so that you can be certain that ports you are open are clean ports.

-> if you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you need to disable the System Restore feature. This feature creates a backup of your system after every registry cleaning. This is a feature that is not required and can be disabled.

-> the analyzer, registry mechanic, and tune up will take hours to be effective. If you can wait until the analyzer and cleaner software are finished analyzing your registry, it will spare your precious time waiting.

-> when cleaning your registry, be sure to choose a registry cleaner that offers a free scan. The best way to protect your computer is to be able to analyze your registry beforehand and remove the errors in it.

-> scan your registry often so that you can catch any new errors that may be appearing.

-> You can also do a manual scan to catch any registry errors that may be appearing. Try this option only if none of the above seemed to work.

-> Remember that while cleaning your registry with registry cleaner software, your registry settings can be changed. These changes can be beneficial to your computer, but may also result in additional problems. Therefore, it’s important that you make a conscious decision to remove unnecessary settings that you no longer need.

-> Rate your registry cleaner software according to its performance. The higher the rating, the better the software performs. The best registry cleaner software will also offer you additional options to clean your registry.

-> Cleaning your registry is not a procedure where you want to make a mistake. proceed with caution since removing or editing your registry can make your computer lose some or all of its functionalities.

-> It is important that you back up any important registry before attempting to clean your registry.A registry cleaner can take hours to finish. So, please don’t leave your computer on for too long.

-> By removing unnecessary programs including games you can remove load of add-ons.

-> Post your Windows achievements.

-> Test how much your registry cleaner can speed up your computer.

-> You can also use downloading the registry scan software to repair your registry.

-> Please clear the post system with a registry cleaner software to remove uncertainty and speed up your computer.

The internet is a great resource to find solutions to your computer problems. Simply put, it is the most reliable and informative source to find out the current specifications of your computer.

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