The Importance of Information Technology

E-Cyber Attacks: Are They Real?

Information security experts have witnessed an increase in the number of cyber attacks over the past several years and they are worried that such attacks will lead to a disastrous loss of privacy. E-Cyber Attacks are sophisticated attacks that assume low risk to infrastructures because they exploit or utilize unawareness, lack of knowledge or protections for data, and a lack of patience.

Since these attacks are now being conducted outside the firewall, it is more important to demand that infrastructures are well-defended.

The Systems and Infrastructure Protection Act (SIPA) aims to create a comprehensive framework for the protection of both customer and merchant data when they are in the care and custody of the financial institution. This will address the need to conduct constant monitoring of websites and the safety of personally identifiable information such as name, details and credit card numbers.

E-Safety regulations to protect against such attacks has been introduced in various countries. Sites that deal with monetary transactions should install up-to-date security software, processes, and procedures. This will help in avoiding the unauthorized utilization of information regarding credit card numbers, names, and account information.

Malaysia is one of the few countries that have introduced legislation to protect the rights of Internet users. In April 2004, the Printing press and Information Technology Ministry introduced amendments to the Information Technology laws to counter terror attacks. The purpose of the amendments is to enhance the government’s response to such attacks by providing laws and regulations to protect the information of others who may be threatened by such attacks.

Malaysia also takes measures to protect its rights violation victims. It defines three specific purposes as follows:

1. Ensuring the safety and security of persons who are mentioned in sec. sec. sec. 2. Proving the guilty of any person who has committed a crime or sinned in the past against the person or organization whose name is mentioned in sec. sec. 3. stopping the promotion of any unlawful materials.

This information security policy is intended to ensure equal protection and protection to all persons and entities and it is designed to interference with the functions and activities of organizations that may be subjected to unreasonable searches and rendition.

Malaysia has also introduced its Information Technology laws which provides for the sentences to be meted out for any cybercrime, information security breach and any other cyber attacked against any person convicted/ointed, or suspected of any such crime.

Malaysia also promotes the use of Information Technology in educational institutions under the supervision of Information Technology effective education system.

The Information Technology and You Management

The Information Technology and You management is focused on the effective use of ICT in managing the services and information of an organization. This is the part where ICT integration plays a huge role. In order to develop an Information Technology and its related services, the ICT management of the organization plays a huge role. The role of Information Technology and its related services is a critical part in any business organization as it has a direct effect on the performance of the organization.

Malaysia is well on its way to becoming a knowledgeable user of ICT in the years to come. Thanks to the efforts of the ICT development and implementation teams, Malaysia is well on its way to becoming aknowledge intensive business hub.

High Speed Broadband

Thanks to the installation of a few fiber optic cables,Malaysia is well on its way to installing a plethora of high speed internet cable, which will provide its users a plethora of benefits. The users can enjoy a reasonable amount of internet usage owing to the fact that the bandwidth nowadays are at 99% thus providing the users with a lot of options to choose from.

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