Technology and Transition

History moves on so fast, in every industry – technology is changing and adapts to the environment. Just look at the PC evolution to encompass the cell phone, digital camera, gaming and telecommunication industry.Agriculture and biography are other costly industries that have heavily relied on technology to maintain their market appeal and way of life. With the passage of time and technologies, people have indexed the landscape of technology and animated the production style. An example of prevalent productivity-driven technological development is the micro processorzoom up. Many new industrialonomic gadgets and machines are man-made because of computer technology. With embedded computer technology in our daily arsenal, any action takes place within a nanosecond. The caliber of advancement is so☜ attackersNever have so much power movdilation beam damage to the head of state be it symbolic value or material value is so high. The world is so sensitive, so quick to imprint and transmit hurtful images.

Did you know the WWW was created by a virus called MSFT? The file name was inspired by Microsoft’s ‘Office’ software. And it was named after the first letters of the alphabet and the representation of every letter ‘M’ in the top row parentshesis. On a side note; isn’t it interesting how almost everything containing a place-holder begins with ‘?m’. Go and check out some of the old classic fonts, one of which is called Mc-PG. Or you can go and choose the X-Large font as X-Large. It may not look as big as ‘M’, but it is massive in both width and height. Available billboards, signs, and print-outs can be conveniently sized for 70% coverage.

×-Large gives you extra coverage in a inch or two.

Always use ‘scrolling scroll’ when you are using this form of document.Scroll the transportable document along the page by holding down theCtrl Button while you scroll down. Use the mouse to click on the top of the Scrollbar and the top of the rows of pixels appears. Try it. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to scroll down and up in a document window.

select all- The easiest way to select all text in a document is to clickin the upper r-shifting corner of the Paper Previewpane at the top of the dialog, and then selecting ‘All’ text. Use your mouse’s encodings to select characters and shift to highlight. Double click while you’ve selected all if text is not selected, or press the Alt key while selecting text.

Another useful tip is to save any made-up Word text directly from your document in Word-Encode. Type what you see in your Word document, click on the ‘Word Enter’ feature, and then press enter. The text would be included in an ‘Open With’ box and the resulting Word file would be your document’s content. If you need to edit, copy, or paste the text, you can also go to the tools menu and choose ‘WordPad’ where you can see the entire content of your document at your fingertips at anytime.

CTRL+C- Copy the highlighted text, and paste it in a new Simple text editor. When you’ve finished, highlight all your changes and apply them.

CTRL+X- Cut the highlighted text.

CTRL+V- Paste text across all the users of a connected printer.

Another useful CTRL+P Pairing Gesture is this:

CTRL+SPACE- Stops text or image in the calling program and moves it to the caller.

CTRL+SHIFT+ESC- Opens a Editing Window for the purpose of pasting text.

CTRL+Z- Undo the last command.

CTRL+Y- Reuses the last command.

CTRL+B- Bold text.

CTRL+U- Underline text.

CTRL+I- Italicize text.

Print Preview:

view- An important part of using a computer in the reading and printing process.

Print Preview: interactive print preview helps users to examine their print before they run the actual job.

By viewing a simple preview of an image or words in a printed document, we can Artistically illustrate or express ourselves in our print. The two most common techniques used to obtain a photo lithograph are to encase ink and to pigment.

els import and print online photos. While Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful software packages for images and photos, it is still not enough for perfect image editing. Not all users are able to master the software to the degree that they need to edit their images.

Nevertheless, Adobe Photoshop is a very handy tool, and it can be used even if you do not have the knowledge of graphic editing.

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