System Configuration Startup

System configuration when you startup your computer comes to life. You get all new icons, you may see something familiar there, but it could be something completely different. First thing you want to do is to press the start button, or key on your keyboard. Once you do that you will see the boot menu come up and you will know if you are in Safe Mode or not. Safe Mode is when the computer will run only a bare bones operating system, and all the other programs will be disabled. To start Safe Mode simply restart your computer and upon appearance of the boot menu simply type ” Safe Mode with Networking ” this will put you back on the network.

Safe Mode can be annoying because it will limit you surfing capabilities, and for that reason you should not rely on it as a comprehensive solution. You should test your connectivity to see if everything works properly, and you should be able to restore your settings if needed. Depending on how you are connected to the internet the deletion of temporary files, and history can take up a considerable amount of your computers free space. So, don’t be a space cadger, and don’t try to delete your temporary files using this boot mode.

You should be able to completely remove any of the viruses, Trojan, spyware, or similar unwelcome programs that have taken up residence on your computer using the wonderful Microsoft utilities. Your computer registry will undoubtedly be affected by these programs, and many of them can be classified as permanent or removable. The problem is that many people use temporary things on a regular basis, and the more of these that are left on the computer, the slower it will function.

So, what can we do to deal with these problems? Well, first of all, you should be using a virus program for universal removal of all of these that are lurking on your computer. There are plenty that are still intact on your hard drive, and can be downloaded if you desire. We aren’t going to be able to remove everything, but what we can do is to remove the majority of them, and it is a great place to start.

When it comes to removing all of these viruses and Trojans, many of them will get back into the computer somehow. If you have completed the process of removing them all, and you are still having problems, a program that is capable of removing Trojans and viruses will be your best bet. Once the majority of these are removed, and you have restarted your computer, you should be able to gain the highest level of function.

After you have completed this process, you will want to restart again to show the Windows Repairs menu. Select your operating system, and then software components, and then Windows.

If your computer is having problems booting up, it may be related to items such as “DLL, SYS and EXE errors” that are currently filling your RAM and CPU. When these errors are addressed and removed from your computer, it can significantly increase your boot up speed.

It is important to make sure that you do not have multiple antivirus programs running on your computer. It is a common and highly dangerous practice. multi- antivirus software are multi-network monitoring programs that are installed directly onto your PC. They not only scan your hard drive for threats, but also monitor all the network activity within your PC. This means that it is scanning your network connection, your PC’s hard drive, the RAM, and even other programs such as your Desktop. Keeping these programs updated can enhance your internet safety and security.

Safety and security measures must now be in place to ensure the longevity of your safe internet use. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to stop malicious users from hacking into your wireless connection (especially if you are connected to the internet within your home), but it is still possible to minimize the damage that you suffer if this sort of intrusion occurs. Aspointed out above, wireless connection securityis an important aspect of maintenance for your wireless connection. If the protection of your wireless connection is not sufficient, the whole quality of your internet connection could be affected.

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