suckLess, A Tutorial on Subnetting

Subnetting allows you to access the addresses of host networks from within windows. It’s a pretty useful thing to have if you’re into role-based deployment, but as always, there are slight issues. This short article will show you how to do it on Vista.

It is not as hard as it looks. If you know your way around a computer, starting it up and reading the instructions is the only thing required.

On a windows XP hosts machine, open up the windows host console. Right click on the host machine and go to the properties. When the hosts properties appear, click on the connection tab which is just above the title ‘ipc add a connection’.

Than go to the properties of the connection you just added a connection to, and Vista will recognize it as a network item. If you look at the last few years of the network item the only thing that has really changed is the icon which is like the down arrow you see when you click on the properties of a network item.

Check the box that says nothing and type the network ID in the space provided and then click on connect. If the connection is discovered and accepted, you may be prompted for the network details. If you’re asked for details like the name of the person you’re trying to connect to, just plug in the cable from the camera to the person’s computer and then click on the connect button. If the person is away or you can’t connect the cable, Onkyo’s service guide will show the nearest network link.

Click on the store folder and the onkyo guide will open. The next few steps involve configuration. Give the guide the task you want to perform and then click on ‘Browse’ view. If you have a large filing cabinet, you’ll find it much easier to locate items.

Copy the network ID (ie for example) into the hosts file on the server. Start off by giving the host network a static IP address. Next make sure that your internal IP address is left in the range. If you’ve already assigned your computers IP addresses, you should know how to change it back to the default address. Now that the IP address is set, you’ll need to make sure that Windows Vista can detect it. Start off by downloading Vista Configuration Utility. The next few steps involve using Vista Configuration Utility, to fix any issues that you might have. Start off by downloading this program. It will tell you if Vista is ready to be a part of your computer. If Vista is ready, activate it.

Once activated, you’ll want to double-click on the Onkyo HT1009. The first time you do this, the setup program will identify all the settings that are available. One of the things that it will be checking for is the ability to connect to the internet. Simply check the box that says “Connect to the internet” and then click on continue. If it asks you confirm, click yes. By doing this, you have assigned yourself an IP address from From now on, you’ll always be able to say, “Go to the Orkut social networking website.” That means that you’ll be able to safely speak with all of your friends there, as well as check your Profile page, save files, and communicate with everyone via email. There’s already a file sharing protocol set up; it’s all automated.

The Onkyo HT1009 will be a perfect choice for anyone who has needs for the home or office. It has a full list of features and will meet each of your networking needs. It’s display is literally on par with other high-enders, and it can handle the simplest tasks with ease. For those looking for a simple alternative to high-power components, consider the Onkyo HT-1009, which also features Ethernet and USB ready, and a 1000 MHz processor.

If you’re looking for a device that can handle your needs and stay out of the way, consider the Onkyo HT-1009, which also features a stand-alone Ethernet interface and USB 2.0. It’s also backward compatible with previous releases. You can buy it directly from Onkyo, and the price is $ilk for the low-end model. The other model has a slightly higher price tag, but comes with additional standard features. Accessories for the Onkyo can be found at a cheaper price if you look online, but you can expect better customer support, free phone and technical support, and warranty coverage.

If you want device drivers for your PC, look online for

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