Questions to Ask Yourself Before that Media Center PC Purchase

The more you prepare and think about your Media Center PC purchase, the more prepared you will be to make your decision. By thinking ahead, you will also be able to reap additional benefits.

As you begin your research, you will want to ask yourself first if you have any expectations or is this purchase for you. If you have any expectations, you may find that even though you have the PC you want to use for all your favorite things, you will still need to consider a few other factors. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

o    How do you plan to use your Media Center PC?

o    Will you be doing all of your media on the PC or will it be backed up on a DVD?

o    Is your current PC fast enough to handle your media?

o    Do you have a portable media player that can handle your media?

o    Is your PC compatible with the upgrade?

o    Do you want to do videouate your PC with a external video card?

o    Is your PC designed to be compatible with future models?

o    Does your PC have the software to allow it to accept input from any new external USB or external adapter?

o    Is your PC compatible with the software for the next model?

o    Will you need any extra software for the Media Center PC or is everything installed on the Media Center PC?

o    Is there any way you can enable the next generation of USB and external adapter functions?

o    How about Dual Band Wireless, do you need this feature?

o    And are you going to use the USB or the PCI slot for your Media Center PC or another PC or laptop?

After you really sit down and list all of the uses and features you will need, you can make an educated decision about whether you want to go with either an Intel i3 processor, LG Cinemaio or AMD Phenom motherboard, 4GB of RAM, SSD or no SSD and a Windows XP OS. If you can put this list together in just a few minutes it will save you many hours of trouble over the next few months.

Secondly, a couple questions you may want to ask yourself is –

o Do you want to save money by using the cheapest PC you can find?  If you just want to surf the internet and type send to your emails and maybe do some light gaming maybe you should take a look at the Dell Inspiron.  Almost every part of it is made in the U.S.A.  You can call them and ask for half-baked computer help.  They will walk you through line by line on how to fix your computer.  If you send your problem to them they will figure it out faster than you could ever do.

o Are you comfortable with making that big binding wire to hold the power cable?

o Do you prefer to use a full-size keyboard?

o Do you like to use a mouse?

o Do you want a DVD player or maybe an iPod?

o Does your computer take a lot of RAM?

o Do you want your computer to be upgradeable?

o Do you want your computer to have a lot of frills?

o Will you be using your computer for graphics designing?

o Can you make the computer work for you?

o Do you want to beeps?

o Should I buy an external keyboard or should I buy one inside the computer?

o Should I buy a wireless mouse or should I wait for the optical breed?

o I’ve heard people say the computer should cost more but I’ve found that Apple’s prices are higher than PC’s.

o The other benefit of buying from Apple is that they are finally starting to enter the mp3 market.  They have taken the next step and are starting to create a physical keyboard which feels more natural to use.

o Apple is probably one of the few companies that actually understands the needs of the average computer user.  They have made their products accordingly and while other companies copy Microsoft’s templates, Apple takes a different approach.  When you look at Apple’s success, it’s not because they only focus on the highest-end products. They attract and engage business with lower-end products that attract consumers.

With the majority of music sold on iTunes, the company has a 24 percent share of the mp3 market.  Of course, iTunes is the market leader, but there are some other successful companies in the industry.

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