Protecting Your Computer

With all the technology around today, most people would not know how to function without it. From toasters to cell phones, everything seems to be getting more advanced every day. With that being said, something going wrong is usually a pretty big deal. With schools that now depend on technology and businesses relying upon technology the smallest glitch can cause chaos in the system. Knowing how to do hard drive recovery is a pretty useful thing if you own a computer. Data hard drive recovery is essential to getting your information back in case that your computer would crash. In the event of your computer crashing, knowing how to bring all your information back is very helpful. You could lose a lot of important documents and work if you do not safe guard your computer well.

It does not matter if your computer is new or old. It does not matter if you have or have not installed new programs. It is always best to be safe than sorry. There is a large probability that your computer could crash and if you have not backed up your computer, it is highly recommended to do so. Depending on the problem, you could even lose files from your internet account. So it is a good idea to back up your computer regularly. Whether it is emails, photos, or files, it is a good idea to test your computer once in a while. In order to make the test run, make sure that you have the latest update from Microsoft.

Upon updating your device drivers, also make sure that you have enough space available on your hard drive. If not, it is advised to do a disc backup. In order to test your hard drive for space, open up your “My Computer” and right click on the C drive. Click properties and go to the “Tools” tab. Click “Check Now”. In order to make sure that your hard drive is full, not only download programs you need, but also verify free space by copying a program’s folder into your hard drive and deleting the programs folder. Once you have your program and folder backed up, you can delete your original file.

Another problem that could happen with your computer is spyware or virus infection. When you download a program, it makes a connection with the site instantly and sends the data to the site. Spyware and virus infections can slow down your computer significantly. Designed to steal the data from your computer, a virus can attack the data and cause programs or folders to be invisible or deleting certain files. Not knowing how to remove a virus can make your computer run slowly. If the infection is not immediately removed, it can cause your computer to freeze and even crash. The first thing you should do is to run a scan on your computer to make sure that the virus is definitely fixed.

See to it that when you do download a new program, that you install it onto your computer and not your hard drive. If it is not installed, it will take up your hard drive space and slowing down your computer.

Keeping your computer protected well involves maintaining your anti virus and anti spyware software. Having said that, let us now talk about the top three things you can do to protect your computer. The number one thing you can do is to make sure you have an automatic antivirus that will always update on your computer no matter what websites you are browsing.CREAT361’sdigitally patented antivirus program will protect against all known and emerging dangers and strive to protect your computer from the emerging ones. The program learns what is happening on your computer either from your emails or your websites and then protects your computer from those threats. With the help of CAT plus, interference detection and monitoring, it will protect your computer from emerging threats and attacks.

“EXTRA” also offers the automatic removal of spyware that scans your computer looking for evidence of spyware that has been installed on your computer. It will scan and remove any spyware that is found. After removing any spyware, it will also remove all traces of the software and protect your computer from the spyware.

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