Is a Slow Computer Driving You Crazy? Clean It Up!

Is a slow computer driving you crazy? Is it taking forever for the program you need to open? Do they act a little weird? Or maybe the latest update to your system translates into a series of popups? Or maybe it crashes on you? Or maybe you just get the blue screen of death? Your PC can be just as frustrating as your child’s toy.

At least you can fix it.

It’s probably time to clean up the inside of your system, too. Dust and dirt can destroy internal or external components of your computer. Here’s how to clean up your system so it’s as good as new…

1. Uninstall unneeded programs.Go to the start button, open control panel (in Windows 7), and remove any programs you no longer use. Do this manually if you have administrator privileges. If you don’t have those rights, move to the right column and click on Control Panel.

This is similar to how you would remove unwanted programs from a windows XP system.

2.Keep programs nice and organized.You can have a cluttered system and be thankful that you have cleaned up unused programs and files. Go to the start button, open the control panel (in Windows 7), and you will see a list of all your programs. It can be awhile when you first get your system going but it is worth it. Free up some room here and there by cleaning up your software and deleting cookies.

3.Clean up internet history.When you surf the internet often, you are probably like a toddler on Christmas. Go to the search engine you are using and retype the address. This will refresh your memory of what the address is. Then, type in a different address into the search box and click the links. This will bring up the details of that address.

Clear up the internet cache, too. This is like your online vacation, vacation photos in your Profile or Followers. You can easily clean up your internet cache and get rid of old Followers and Profile photos.

4. Get rid of unwanted icons on your desktop.It is not uncommon for an icon to pop up for no apparent reason on your desktop. They may even pop up when you are not paying attention. They are known as desktop widgets. Remove them with pre-installed programs like Microsoft Windows Clean Up.

5. Get rid of term papers.It is time to say goodbye to term papers. If you are using your computer daily, the chance that you will need to print something is slim. Pre-installed easy print driver software will not be needed. There are many downloadable drivers available on the internet for free.

6. Third party drivers are preferred.Another device you will want to remove from your computer daily is the mouse. mice, keyboards, and printers have an easier life span than your typical computer.

7. Jelly Bean is preferred.A modern Jelly Bean version is released by Google every few months. It can be downloaded automatically and automatically updated. You can also use the “Update Tablet Settings” feature that can be found in the navigation screen.

8. Unless you are working with high-resolution files, shipping DVDs to workgroups and friends with network accessibility problems, you do not need to buy a new computer.

9.Keeping your computer memory is important. If you haven’t replaced your computer memory within the last 6 months, do so.

10. intrinsicl tools are preferred so long as you’ve used them with effort.

11. Scan for viruses.

12. Keep your computer noise to a lull. Clicking and buzzing sounds are psychological warning signs that something is wrong with your pc.

13. Pass the time with music.

14. Some people like to do their homework online. Sign up for free and you will be able to write and calculate just like a professional!

15. Video games have a future as well.

16. Without cooling gadgets, a laptop that is cooling is like an oven (when it gets hot enough it will Even cook on a stove!).

17. Boot up stressful programs require you to use the task manager to end some activities and open others.

18. Use anti-virus software. Be sure to keep it updated and be careful whenever you do download it.

19. An updated anti-spyware software can be a good diagnostic tool. Keep it updated also and scan your computer.

20. Your processor fan is an electronic equivalent of a warm unwelcome ghost. It whirrs and starts vibrating. This means that you have a spyware or a virus. Trojans are no good because they will eat your memory.

21. Etc.

Remember to “Keep It Super Simple.” Don’t be occupied with unnecessary gadgets.

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