How to Spot Adware Infection

Symptoms of Adware Infection

Your PC is probably infected with adware if:

If any of the above are true then it is likely that your computer is infected with adware.

“But what is it”, I hear you say “I don’t know anything about computers or a website can sell products online, what’s the deal?”

Let me say first off that 99% of all programs sold online are legitimate and HDD Scan stats show 99.3% effectiveness.

However if that same program can also wake up your dog to how well it protects your privacy online and then send information about that to its developer, then it becomes more than a dog squatting. That’s also not cool.

Different strains of adware may not wake up your dog but they can sure as heck keep you from surfing safely. That’s why it is important to educate yourself about adware and how to use it to protect yourself.

Note: If your PC is infected with adware you should get rid of it immediately and run your existing anti-spyware program. Adware is a big virus like it says and needs to be removed quick.

Let’s take a look at the following three questions:

1. Why should I care about adware?

A. Various tedious and unpaid advertising campaignsHave you ever seen those ridiculous TV commercials that promise healthy weight loss for just DOLLARS? How about those fetching almost nude ladies that are trying to sell you something? Root canary yellow parent alert!

These are just a small few of the many unethical ways that scammers prey on you and it’s important that you learn how to recognize them and protect yourself from their devious attacks.

Lets take a look at the three questions above another way.

If you answered anything except for “Why should I care?” you are wrong.

Why should you care about adware?

Adware is another big problem for HDD Scan users. Remember that spyware is software that collects information from your computer or computer activity and sends it back to another computer of the same owner.

However, some spyware does the opposite, spying on you and sending back information about your web browsing. Whether or not this is intentional is besides the point, what’s important is that it’s out there and that you should know about it. HDD Scan and other similar scanning programs see this spyware as a threat and remove it accordingly.

Be aware that spyware can be installed just by visiting a website. If you are at a website that loads a script on your computer, you can be infected with adware. This script can either be asked to you by the website owners or by you downloading it from the Web.

It seems that very recently anti-virus software has become very effective at stopping this problem. Thanks to rapid development of new technology, old anti-virus software can be ignored by new viruses.

So in essence, yes, it is still true that32%of computer crashes are caused by viruses, but a lot of other variants of viruses exist which are blast from the old school.

So let’s get down to business, what can you do to protect yourself from this nasty problem. Well, I will say right up front that you need to arm yourself with knowledge on how to effectively operate your computer.

If you have a Windows operating system then come along and download my free Windows XP optimizer. This will hopefully take care of your problems and you can then prevent any future problems from happening.

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