How To Speed Up Your Computer – Everything You Need to Know

There are many benefits that you can get from technology. The right type of software can help you get the most out of the equipment that you have and the knowledge is the key to success. How do you speed up your computer? Here are five things to do:

Upgrade! If you have the right tools, getting new software can really help you get the most out of the technology. Whether you need to get XP SP3 Professional or Safari Security, there are new versions and updates to get.

Garbage software! Sometimes, even with the best of computer hardware, you still will be left with a computer that is not as fast as it could be. Sometimes, in fact, you may not be able to recognize all the things that are slowing down your performance. Many times, a computer may be infected by a virus, even if it looks like everything is working fine.

Check for viruses! You can get these viruses and use an anti-virus program to remove them. They are all free and found on the internet.

Clean up! The right way to keep a computer running well is to keep it clean. This does not mean you have to take apart the computer and do drastic measures. What is extreme is removing dust and any clutter that is on the surface of the computer.

Ensure the fans are working! Always check the wires and your PCI slots. The easy way to this is to open the side of the tower and use the screws on the back to lift the cover off. Once you can see inside, you can take out the screws.

As you have seen, there are several things that can slow a computer down. Of course, having the right software to remove the software will go a long way. Of course, buying a new computer is the best solution, but you should also be able to do some simple maintenance tasks to keep your computer running as well as possible.

It is important to keep your computer clean and free of viruses. Keeping it in this state is good for your system. It is not only the computer itself but also your files and documents that are stored on the computer. Dust and particles may get trapped in the wrong places and prevent proper ventilation which could lead to malfunctioning and slow processing.

You should not force feed the documents into the computer. Use your documents as soon as you have finished with them. Use disk cleanup or an equivalent program if you have the right software.

Try to keep your start-up programs to a minimum. Removing or disabling a few programs that you do not need at startup will speed up your computer.

Keep your antivirus program current and download updates whenever they are available. There are too many viruses today for you to be caught up with them all. Use a anti-spyware program or spyware detection tool to remove or quarantine the threats.

Do not open too many programs all at once. Uninstall those programs that you feel are not essential to your computer’s operation.

Monitor your computer’s impact on the environment. There are so many programs that impact the upkeep of your computer that it is best to just install a removal tool and remove programs that you feel are no longer needed.

Fix errors on your computer’s RAM. Remove and repair errors on your RAM if they occur. Having a clean RAM will speed up your computer.

Run a disk defragment. Disk defragmenting rearranges files being stored on your computer’s hard disk so that they are more conveniently and closely packed. This will help speed up your computer.

Clearing out the Cache files on your computer will free up the memory and speed up processing speed. When you load a program, the first time the program is loaded your computer will store few elements of the previous erased file in the Cache. Once the Cache is full your computer will be accessing the files from there and not from the files in the hard disk.

Cleaning up the internet cache will also help with computer speed. Once you have gone through the initial start up process your internet browser will have to load a number of pages. Keep in mind that once a cache is cleared the next time you use the internet your computer will require a re-fetch of sorts.

By following the above tips you can boost your way to speed up your computer.

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