How To Protect Yourself From Cybercrimes In Online Transactions

In the digital economy, transactions are taking place through online transaction with a new fastness. Although, the Internet is also being used for manufacturing and other purposes that do not require online transactions, they are still considered to be cash transactions. In order for you to avoid online transaction frauds, there are some basic steps that you should consider taking. Whether you are making a purchase, paying a bill, etc., you should be aware that there are people who will be able to trace the details of those transactions. That is why the first step that you should take is to disguise your IP because this will be the main reason why people will be able to trace your visit.

This can be achieved by using certain IP hiding methods. One of such ways is the use of free proxy. It is free of charge and does not require heavy usage of your server. As a matter of fact, you can even have it free of charge if you have an account with the right company.

IP hiding methods uses specialized software that is designed to provide a different internet protocol address to the website you are visiting. The software will provide different data to the website you are visiting so that you will be able to escape identity theft and other similar problems. Since the IP address is the main thing that will help track you, hiding it will practically give you a different address.

There are actually two different ways to achieve this. The first one is the use of proxy websites that can hide your IP but these are a bit limited in their offer. The second option is to download applications that can change your IP. These are definitely stronger in their ability to protect your personal files and data.

To change your IP, you first need to go online. Then, enter the site you want to visit and you can either choose to be assigned a fake IP address or you can use proxy. The first option is a lot cheaper and can be done in a matter of minutes. As for the matter of proxy, to briefly explain what it is, it is simply a website that can hide your IP address. Simply put, it is a fake address provided by the proxy website that can be used to track another source of traffic.

The software that can change your IP address is a lot cheaper than the proxy websites. It is just a matter of choosing one of the better ones and after that, it is just a matter of configuring your software to point to the proxy and vice versa. However, the proxy software can be set up for you so that it can automatically detect which IP address to which you are connected. This is a very useful feature because it will automatically encrypt any information you send online.

For sure, surfing anonymously will be the most comfortable and safer way to carry out any online transaction. Below are a few factors to consider when you are making up your mind on which IP to hide.

1) What’s My Risk?

If you are just a casual online user who wants to visit a suspicious website, then a proxy might be good enough to do the job. But, if you actually want to do more than casual online browsing, then you will need something more innovative than a free proxy.

2) My IP Address is very sensitive too.

Once I installed a free proxy, my IP address has been exposed to a lot of people. Now that is not very safe. Do you know how dangerous it is sharing your data online?

With paid software, you can insure your privacy. You can even change your IP if you think your actual IP address might be wrong. But what if you do not want to play such games?

You can just disable your internet protocol address if you are not terribly sure about it. But just for safety, you should know that the IP address of your actual location is already known and can be accessed by hackers.

So play it safe and remain anonymous online.

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