How to Protect Your Computer From Viruses

If you are involved in Internet marketing, this is a must have for you. The internet has revolutionized the way we interact socially & ubiquitously. Aside from introducing us to our new love interest, it has also introduced us to a slew of new friends, new acquaintances, new colleagues, new bosses, etc. But all these have reached out to us, making us more connected each day, and hence more vulnerable to newbie hackers & predators.

Therefore, to have a safer time online, we all need to have basic computer and internet security. Most security measures have become a necessity now, as we release multiple bugs to the internet every day. We no longer can be ignorant of the threats that are lurking on our feeds. Each time you open your email box, you can be as good as infected with these viruses, yet most of us still do not bother to protect our system. We all know the importance of antivirus software, antispyware, anti-adware, etc. But apart from this, we also need to be smart about how we surf the web. We have to remember that most of these threats can come from within as well as outside, and therefore we need to install antispyware within our computer as well as get a windows cleaner to clean up our system externally.

There are several kinds of threats that we can encounter in the web, one of them being the application which allows hackers to gain access to your PC. There are several kinds of hackers, some of them are big time, and some of them are small time. If you have the application installed in your PC, then you are risk to be hacked by these hackers, who can then steal your personalInformation. People tend to search for free antivirus software on the internet, which can salvages their gamers, but what they should know is that the software is not enough to protect their computer from future attacks. It is necessary that you purchase licenses for the free software in order to be able to download upgrades as they become available. Stay aware of the updates coming from the developers of the application you are using, because these updates also come with new kinds of threats to be aware of.

Another easily identifiable threat that you can face online is the Trojans, which are nothing but a collection of web bugs, which can be detected by running a scan with an antivirus application. These web bugs can then be removed with the aid of an antivirus application, which makes removing them a quick process. Again, common sense is the best way to go in avoiding this threat. If you think something is too good to be true, then it probably is.

There are many kinds of web bugs, which can be easily removed by your antivirus software. There are:

Spyware – web bugs that can monitor your web activities and can be beneficial to certain individuals.

Malware – web bugs that can do harm to your computer, either as a result of being infected by spyware or due to a hacker’s activities.

Viruses – web bugs that can replicate themselves and use up a lot of your computer’s memory, thus rendering it useless and raising the risk of it crashing.

Trojans that can fool you into thinking that you are visiting a legitimate website, thus stealing passwords and other personal information.

Comets – web bugs that are not real, but which hit your computer as a real malware, making it susceptible to more attacks.

And many more.

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