How to Ensure a Quality Application With IT Project Management

Nearly every IT Service Improvement program suffers from it, at one stage or another. We call it ” Scope Creep “- a very inconvenient and possibly costly problem.

Scope Creep occurs when your IT Team starts building a very large, expensive project that they have never anticipated will end up consuming a huge amount of your technical resources. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you do not end up under the Prototype phase.

Below are some tips to avoid the dreaded Scope Creep. Remember these as you proceed:

A project of this size should be designed with a long term perspective. If you set a scope for a development project that is 6 months long the realistic expectations for completion will not meet. It is your responsibility to ensure the timeframe is accurate and you are not faced with problems such as overhead or other complications.

A project should be sized appropriately. If your development project is focused on a new application you may wish to size it so that all of the effort and value is spent on building the application. If you are developing a major industry-transforming application, then you may wish to size it so that all of the effort and value is spent on building the application, with a second codingsandReports.

codingsandReportsis a key factor in providing IT governance. We recommend you ensure that codingsare 100% user-time local. Any time spent on a coding effort should be spent on tracking, reporting and issue Resolution.

built-in administrative framework:

You may find that some of your existing processes related to your IT are not flagged as such, and it is not economical to get involved with them. Do spend some time ideally before starting on a project to ensure that all of your existing processes are converted to an administrative model as soon as possible. The efficiency of IT project management is highly dependent on the effectiveness of the processes that are deciding the outcomes, and it is important to ensure that noifer rules are broken.

Use an effective project management system. There are plenty of project management systems out there to choose from, but it is important to ensure that your selected project management tool has an effective and verifiable track record for delivering projects.

Key factors to look for include:

* Ease of use. The best project management systems are easy to use. They offer a simple and formal way to record and communicate the status of the project. A good software program has a dashboard that helps track the project progress, generate reports, and present the information to the proper function.

* precision. The software should be precise in its operation. A good software program should be able to produce good-looking graphics. Features of the program should also be clearly marked.

* integrity. The software should not pose a risk of diversion of resources away from the project target. Also, there should be no hidden charges.

* communication. There should be effective communication between the development and the operations teams. thorough communication between team members is helpful. Also, remember that a timely communication is the key to successful projects.

* thorough quality control. The software testing procedure must be carried out with all the key players taking part. That is all, all members of the development team must be fully aware and involved in the testing procedure. If there is no communication or involvement of non-key players in the process of testing, the project is doomed.

* time saving. The shorter the lag time between keystrokes, the less time is lost and profit is made. The software testing procedure must be carried out and completed within a short period of time. It is often forgotten, but it is often the case with computer applications that are not developed and tested fully. Remembering the 75/25 rule, 75% of the effort should be spent on testing.

Following the above principles will help a developer deliver a quality application with increasing profits.

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