Global Environment and Global Warming

The global environment is the entirety of our planet’s natural systems. It encompasses ecosystems, climate, geology, regional environments, and human societies and artificial environments. It can also be termed as Mother Nature or Mother Earth in a broader perspective. It can also be described simply as the state of our surroundings.

Global Warming

Global warming is the phenomenon of abnormal changes in the global environment because of continuously increasing temperatures of the Earth’s near-surface air and oceans. One of the main causes of global warming is the thinning of the ozone layer due to the release of ozone destructive chemicals in the atmosphere that breakdown the O2 particles of the said layer. Such occurrence is also known as ozone depletion.

The green house effect is also considered a major, if not the biggest contributor to global warming. The green house effect warms the earth by trapping the heat from the sun, preventing it from rising out of our atmosphere. Carbon monoxide and other pollutants make heat remain near the earth’s surface, similar to how a green house absorbs heat and prevents it from getting out.

Through the years, global warming has become synonymous with climate change because experts believe that of all the effects of the earth surface heating up, climate change is the most disturbing and dangerous.

• Abnormal amounts of rainfall occur all over the world because of the change in weather patterns brought about by changes in temperature. Days or even weeks equivalent of rain sometime pour down in a matter of hours. Such heavy rainfall can cause destructive floodings.

• Abnormally high temperatures can also cause very high evaporation rates that lead to more frequent and longer lasting droughts. Such droughts can lead to more frequent and longer lasting fires.

• The rapid changes in temperature have caused more and stronger hurricanes and storms.

Although abnormal weather phenomena can bring about damage to property and life, global warming have caused more frequent occurrence of such events and are expected to continue so in the foreseeable future. However, we can also attribute part of the responsibility for global warming to human activities. Industrial and natural gas plants are located close to hotspots such as airports, refineries, and power plants. Power plants use fossil fuel to generate electricity. Since these plants are often located near areas that are prone to natural disasters, emissions of heat-related greenhouse gases have been released into the atmosphere. Since the beginning of the 20th century, global warming has become a significant problem.

Global Warming

Global warming has become a significant problem for cities like Miami, Tokyo, and Bangalore. Businesses are spending more and more on IT equipment for marketing their products. Developers and designers are designing homes and businesses with green technologies in mind. It is important to use IT equipment in creative and productive ways for avoiding dangerous climate complications.

influenced by the different environment conditions, thinking, and actions

made it easy for developers to build environmentally friendly software

bridged the gap between IT and environment difficult

it provides data for planning and decision making

it helps make people aware of and prepared for changes in the environment

mitigation and adaptation to reduce the effects of change in the environment

carbon dioxide gasification; use of heat energy to generate electricity

ionic immersion cleaning

Using a computer industry that gives the best job for application of IT ,the situation of IT industry will improve in the coming years.umps..

To achieve one of the aspects of IT environment is not an impossible task. We can see that industry is already moving in that direction. As we step into the next century, we will see more applications and consumer electronics that use the heat energy properly. In the environment, consumers will expect a lower power consumption for television and computers, and a higher quality.

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