First Impressions

Starting first impression marketing is tricky business. You have to walk the line between being an open client and a total nuisance. You do this by making sure that you’re always polite, professional and courteous. You do this by asking questions and giving the right impression. It’s honest, but flashy.

One of the things you learn when you’re someone’s first impression is that they can be an ass at times. Unfortunately, it’s usually hard to make your first impression as smooth as possible, especially because you’re the new guy. However, you have to continue to be professional and polite throughout your meeting even if you don’t remember your client’s name.

You start off by telling them who you are and what your business does. It’s important to begin a conversation with a scratchy, “nice to meet you” and not with a blank piece of paper. It’s not a gut reaction; you have to actually look into their eyes and see how they react.

One of the most important things you can teach someone when you’re trying to get them to remember you is to smile. Smiling doesn’t necessarily mean making your eyes smile, it means just that you’re happy. Don’t over-liten or overly illustrate your hyperactive clients.

Now, you probably really don’t want to put your client on the spot like that, so you might ask for a signature. Just make sure that you write it down and don’t write it down in the middle of the meeting. The last thing you want is for this new person to be disgruntled and take the information out of your upcoming meeting.

The main thing is that you need to keep these first impressions in mind the next time you’re working with a client. You want to make sure that they remember you by the end of the meeting, when you’re face to face with them.

Don’t underestimate the power of first and show genuine emotion when you’re meeting someone for the first time, even if it’s a complete stranger.

Ask for contact information for the client and be prepared to give it to them.

Ask how long the company has been in business. It’s not necessary to know everything, but knowing when a company has been around and how long they have been in business is a good thing to know.

ask why they prefer doing business with you. It’s notuous why someone wants to do business with you if they don’t have a desire to do so. It’scommunications friendlyand proactive.

Ask what your company does that others don’t. Once you understand their business objectives and how you can help them reach their goals, you will be more inclined to work with them.

Final Thoughts

First impressions are the first impression that you will be receiving from the client. This is crucial since it will affect your interactions and actions towards them. This is why you must treat them like a person.

A little curiosity coupled with a smile can go a long way towards keeping your first impression. This is especially true for clients that are new to your business.

Good Looking, Healthy Businesses

A business with unhealthy looking clients is not going to do business for you. By not physically attacking them, you can actually keep them coming back to you. Don’t underestimate the power of a friendly relationship.

You can also be vulnerable to a “greener” client. People are complex and don’t readily change clients. If you have unrealistic expectations of the clients you tend to invest in, you may find that they simply do not fulfill them.

You will find that most clients will not pay for extra work. However, it is possible to charge extra for this. Should you do so, it is possible to make a 15% profit margin.

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