Don’t Identify With Technology

If I was in line at the local grocery store and walked up to a total stranger and asked him or her “who are you, tell something about yourself”, the responses would go like this;

– “I’m a retired school teacher and enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.”

– “I’m the Vice President at ABC Savings and Loan and my wife and I are expecting our second child.”

– “I’m a college student working on my MBA and working part-time.”

– “I’m a researcher at ABC Technology working on the next generation smart phone application.”

– “I’m a ________________ insert whatever label you want.”

These are all perfectly normal responses that we would pass on as pleasant conversation, very comfortable and non- threatening. The point here is we identify ourselves with the labels, and in fact we take them very seriously. We even assign social/value points to them i.e. its worth more points to be a practicing physician as opposed to being an unemployed dock worker. Assigning values to the labels we identify with is nothing new and we do it so much we don’t even think about it.

Assigning value to the physical possessions associated with the labels is also nothing new. Merchants and advertisers have successfully done this for hundreds of years, the things you own solidify the labels you identify with. For example, would you expect a television station to broadcast for free? Do you think the free channel will cover topics of interest to you? If you answered yes, then you might enjoy the service of having your own television channel on your computer. Television networks are increasingly using computer technology to deliver their communications to the customer. Do you have cable or satellite? Will you be getting digital channels?

While the internet offers incredible devices that can deliver information to the general public, it is sometimes difficult to remember or terminology that is clearly visible. Things can get blurry, especially when you are used to clear communication. Today there are dozens of internet websites and communication tools, including blogs, message boards, and video messaging/social networking sites. How do you use the internet? Do you have a computer, a smartphone, a laptop, a blackberry or a tablet? Are you using the internet for work, looking up training, shopping, or finding a resource? Do you know how to use the various social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?

Many people find the internet intimidating, especially due to the size of the screens and the fact that the majority of people are computer savvy. The ease of access to so much information, and the ability to instantly view anything from the internet is magnetic. The same technology that gives rise to these superficial fears also serves to enhance our sense of ease and safety in the world we inhabit.

The very same technology that allows us to navigate the internet also serves to facilitate our day-to-day business communications. If you own a small business, the internet can make your communications dynamic and enjoyable, rather than a tedious chore.

One way to utilize the internet to its fullest is to signup with a variety of email communities. You can include your personal email address in your account, and receive information and updates from your business email account. personalized. Why not take advantage of this online resource that will enhance your business communications?

Another way to use the internet to boost your business is to purchase virtual e-mail accounts from various providers. Once your mail account is uploaded to your computer, it allows you to access your mail account from any computer or email device. This is convenient if you are either on the go, or have a computer when you need to respond to a request for an email.

As you can see, there are many different ways that your business can be improved through the use of the internet. By utilizing the internet to find new customers, or by utilizing social media sites to promote your business, there are many ways that the internet can be used to boost your business.

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