Best Practices When Designing an iPhone App Icon

The icon is the first thing that people will meet when they see your app. To ensure that you get the people’s attention you should ensure that your icon stands out from the rest. For the representation to stand out you need to put the following good practices in place:

Go for simple shapes

A simple shape ensures that the icon is easily recognizable from a distance and at a glance. Due to this you should ensure that you go for simple shapes such as circles, rectangles or squares. In addition to ensuring that you use a simple shape, you should also use a simple image that will easily reduce and remain clear at different sizes.

Use a maximum of two colors

Although, there are many great colors that you can use, it’s usually very difficult to create a great icon with many colors. This is because many colors tend to look ugly when the icon’s size is reduced or increased. To be on the safe side you should use a maximum of two colors.

Avoid photos and a lot of text

These two make the icon look displeasing to the eye. Experts say that photos and words create abstraction of concept, object and operation.

Instead of using photos and words, you should use symbols. For example, if your app is called Smep you can use “S” as your symbol. By doing this you will ensure that the icon will always remain clear. And symbols are something that is very easy to create.

Don’t add standard gloss

Although, Apple allows developers to add the standard gloss to their icons when submitting them to the app store, you should note that this is not a required part of the icon. To be on the safe side you should leave a default value of 0 for the gloss.

Ensure that all materials are accurately portrayed

It’s very devastating when you put in a lot of resources and time in creating an app and it can’t portray the important features. Experts say that the default settings of an app can help you put it on the right track.

By removing non essential features you can put your app on the right track. Here are the steps to go through to ensure that everything is shown correctly on all devices:

Ensure that all images are size 12 pixels by 8 pixels.

ensures that all images are 150 pixels by 100 pixels.

You should also reduce the color of your images. Non essential colors often tend to beautify your app. To enhance the colors of the images, you should replace your colors with those colors from the “All devices” list. In this list you can see the names of your competitors as well as the apps they compare.

Remove duplicate images

If you have images of your logo, menu and other duplicates, you can get them removed from your app by going to “Animate dots” option. Just open the image and drag the line to the duplicate line. Then remove the second image and drag it to the other spot. You can even remove all the unnecessary images.

Remember that the logo which you have in the first image should be removed from the “All devices” list.

Create a Spinner

This is another tip to add possibility to your app. When the user is going to select an option arrow, you should create a spinner so that the spinner will move in front of the arrow when the user is going to select another option.

Remember to remove the spinner when the user is done with the options.

About Favorite and Relevance

When you have a lot of images in your app, users often foregoing looking at them. What you need to ensure is that when users hover over an image, that image will be displayed besides the rest of the images. If you want to get this feature correct, you need to get the images that have alies beside images that are displayed.

For example, you have an image of aicy patio on your website. When the user clicks on it, you should show an image of theicy patio in the same area. This will help users to remember that this is about ice cream, not about theicy patio.

You should also make sure that your app has a proper search feature. This means that when people search on your app using a specific name, you should be able to find it. enhanced design, user testing, and aesthetic guidelines ensure that your app is appealing to a majority of your users.

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