Beating Document Challenges With Hasavi MP3 Player

The Hasavi MP3 Player from Ronin Technologies makes downloading music to MP3 players simple and secure. Hasavi competes with the leading P2P client, Limewire andRapidly Thin Software’s (the latter actually markets itself under the somewhat more subtle label of “Digital Rights Management”).

All the major music stores and electronic music trackers on the Internet sell their music files to a variety of different sites. Hasavi and P2P clients such as Limewire and iTune are able to sell these files to these stores, and the files can be easily redirected from one device to another using the free Hasavi client.

iTunes software is required to be installed on your computer to be able to buy music files from the Apple site. Once you have it installed, link your iPod to the computer Hasavi Client. Once this is done, you should be able to run the Hasavi Client, which should launch and arrange your software onto your iPod. When you launch the iPod software, the screen will give you a list of nearby music files – click on the music files to move them to the iPod music folder. In the iPod music folder, find the music file that you want to convert.

Issues to take note of:

–> When you click on the ‘Convert Selection to iPod’ button, theChoices apparare on the iPod music folder; these choices are located under theFiles, Preferences, Music folder.

–> Select the music file that you want to convert, and then click on ‘Next’.

–> Click on one of the following keys when prompted:

–> ‘ drag’ – to drag the music file

–> ‘air drop’ – to air drop your music file into the music folder

–> ‘channel change’ – change the current music channel

–> ‘prevents skipping’ – this slows the music track down, if you have it on your iPod, off

–> ‘engage playing’ – if you drag the music track onto the music folder, the track will play but not in the music folder, instead, it will appear in the music folder. Note that you can still change the music folder anytime you want.

–> ‘marker abbreviation’ – you can specify a name for the file that is being converted. The name of the file will appear in the title bar of the music folder. After you have specified the name, click on ‘Next’.

–> ‘format’ – This option is to specify the destination format which apple is going to send your file through the iPod. There are a few possible formats with which you can choose. Supported formats are listed below. You can choose the one that suits you best:

o Audio – For iPod, this is the most powerful option.

o Video – For both iPod and iPhone, this option is the next step.

o Audio – For the most common usage, audio format is selected.

o Video – For viewing the video files from your iPod, select the ‘Video’ option.

o Audio – For searching by movie or TV series information, choose the ‘Audio’ option.

o In description of files, select the file format used by your iPod and iPhone to view it.

o To change the display format of the file, select the file format it is in: ‘jpg’ or ‘ honoring format’.

o Turn on or off wifi. This is a necessary step for transferring the files on your wireless printer.

You can continue choosing the options on your iPod/iPhone until all the options are selected. Turn on/off as many WiFi networks as possible and move between networks to check if the document transfer works. Repeat this process to select other networks.

Note that it is not enough to transfer the document to the ‘envelope model’ of the phone. The network should be able to interpret the document in the correct format. However, most network range management tools have automatic facility for searching the specified network.

Also, you may want to gain the information of the Printers and Shutter Speed in the Phone and reveal it to you. Although, this information is generally itemized in the form of give you details of document speed but is extremely boring to comprehend. Simply select as many of these options as possible in order to get the inner information. Although, you do not have to pay much for this, especially for such a simple action.

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